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Recycling tips

It’s incredibly important to recycle for the environment. Recycling is a fairly easy process and it requires minimal effort if you know exactly how and what to recycle. Below features some of our top recycling tips.

Recycle ALL plastic bottles
From drink bottles, to food bottles and even beauty product bottles – they can all go into your recycling bin! You can also recycle tubs and pots that are plastic as well.

Flatten cardboard
If you have any empty boxes, flatten them. This is so your able to store more in your recycling bin.

Recycle paper materials
You can recycle all types of paper materials, from envelopes, birthday cards to phone books, catalogues and wrapping paper. All types of cardboard can also be recycled as well – including drinks cartons and toilet roll tubes.

Create a separate area for recycling
Keep a section free in your kitchen for recycling materials – either a box or a bin will do. This makes it easier to separate garbage from useful recycling materials.

Metallic items = useful items
Metallic items, like kitchen foil, cans, tins and even aerosols are recyclable and should never be thrown away.

Get rid of junk mail…the right way
You should recycle all paper materials, including mail you receive in the post. A handy tip is to keep a carrier bag near to your letterbox, so you can quickly dispose of junk mail.

Do some research
Find out from your local council when your recycling bin will be collected. Also, if you’re struggling to work out if something could be recycled or not – do some research first before throwing it away.

If you have a lot of junk in your house and you don’t know if should be recycled or not – why not call Junk Hunters? We can easily dispose of all your junk, taking it all to the correct facility. We know exactly what should be recycled and what shouldn’t, so why not give us a call? 0800 233 5865