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What to do with old clothes

old clothes

There are lots of reasons why we may need to get rid of heaps of old clothes. You might be moving house and needing a clear out, you could be sorting through a relative’s possessions, or you may just need to downsize. If you have a lot of old clothes you need to get rid of, then follow our Junk Hunters top tips to find out what you should do with them.

If your clothes are in good condition, then why not sell them? You could host a stall at a car boot sale, or you could refer to the easier option of selling them online through popular online auction sites and apps. Selling clothes is a great way to get rid of unwanted goods for a nice profit.

Donating clothes to a charity shop is often a popular choice for getting rid of clothes, and knowing it’s going to a charitable cause is why a lot of people choose this option. However, it’s important to remember that even if an item has a rip, hole or tear, it should still be donated to the charity shop. This is because items that are disregarded for sales are usually donated to second hand garment trade centers  all over the world. Always try and donate as much as possible to charity shops and clothing banks, as it makes a real difference.

Did you know that some online auction apps let you swap items with other people? If you have a load of old clothes and you’re open to swapping them for new ones, try using these sites and apps to find people to swap your unwanted clothes with.

Up cycle
Turning ‘trash’ into a treasure is a great way to get creative and have fun with your old garments. If you have an old jacket that you don’t really want to donate to charity, why not try adding something new to it, rather than throwing it away?

The UK alone throws away millions of items of clothing each year. In order to protect and preserve our environment, it’s important to not be wasteful in all aspects of our lives. To do this, we at Junk Hunters believe we should reduce our addiction to cheap clothes. It’s far better to buy something that’s a little on the pricey side but you know you’ll wear forever, rather than buying something cheap that you’re only going to wear once.