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About Us

Harsha Rathnayake

Harsha Rathnayake

Junk Hunters was founded in 2017 by Harsha Rathnayake, a London based university graduate with over a decade of experience in the waste management industry. Like many business personnel, Harsha started from the ground up, having worked as a part time driver for a removal company in 2004 whilst studying Automotive Engineering at Kingston University. Upon the successful completion of his degree, he enrolled on an MBA course at the University of Sunderland, all the while still working as a part time driver.

When his studies ended in 2009 Harsha decided to launch his first solo venture in waste management, having already had several years’ experience in the sector. Having always been one to try and help others, Harsha opened London Junk, a waste removal company whose aim was to help residential and commercial customers to clear any overflowing waste that the councils couldn’t take. After working separate morning and evening jobs to keep the business afloat, London Junk eventually became one of the most rapidly expanding removal companies in London, putting an emphasis on great customer service and environmental awareness.

Expanding on his many successful years clearing the streets of London, Harsha is now delighted to share his services across the UK, thanks to the launch of Junk Hunters. Junk Hunters offers this same high standard of service, positive stance towards saving our environment and experience in waste collection to a UK wide audience, and it is our hope that soon all major cities will have a Junk Hunters branch to take care of their waste.

Our goals

Our goal at Junk Hunters is to become the UK’s industry standard bearer in waste management by providing an efficient and environmentally friendly service that is affordable to everyone. Recycling and reusing waste has always been important to us, and we are delighted to say that presently we recycle more than 70% of all materials we collect, and reuse any intact items we gather by offering them to charities. As London Junk, we built a stellar reputation based on providing the best possible customer satisfaction to our clients at the best possible price, and we look forward to delivering our impeccable service across the UK as Junk Hunters. We have built our reputation over the years by helping thousands of customers, and providing them with a reliable and professional waste disposal service.

Health and Safety

Providing a safe working environment for our staff, clients and any persons who we regularly work alongside is the highest of importance to us at Junk Hunters. We ensure the minimum levels of risk for any possible dangers that could result in injury, occupational hazards, property damages or put the safety of our customers and work associates at harm.

To achieve this, we have set out the following guidelines:

  • Full and unequivocal compliance with all government environmental, health and safety regulations.
  • To ensure that protection of the environment is paramount at every operation.
  • To make sure that all Junk Hunters employees are sufficiently trained in all health, safety and fire protocols, and our 'ABC' directive (always be careful).
  • An excellent standard of safety practices, that is maintained by a Health and Safety management system.
  • To address any issues, and continuously develop our Health and Safety management system though constant reviews into its efficiency.

Our awards

Ethical green business of the year finalist 2018
National Recycling Awards Finalist 2018
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Our Environmental commitment

Protecting our planet and creating a more sustainable environment is a key principal for us, as we believe it’s our responsibility to protect the earth for future generations. Recycling and reusing what we collect is of upmost importance, and we are firmly committed to making a difference by protecting and preserving our environment.

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