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Junk Hunters Franchise


As part of our vision to become the UK’s leading rubbish disposal service, we are proud to offer prospective businesspersons the chance to help keep Britain clear of waste by becoming a franchised branch of Junk Hunters. Becoming a franchisee means that you’ll be part of our increasing network of fellow waste collectors, as we aim to expand our business across the UK.

Unlike starting a business on your own from the ground up, becoming a Junk Hunters franchisee means that you’ll receive the benefits of having an immediately recognisable brand, as well as the support and expertise that our many years in the waste collection industry have given us.

If you are looking for a business opportunity with a proven model and unlimited potential then do get in touch with us today.


What benefits would I receive by becoming a Junk Hunters franchisee?


Junk Hunters Franchise

With many years experience in the waste disposal industry, we have built an established and reputable waste disposal brand that you will have full access to. By becoming part of Junk Hunters, you’ll benefit from not having to enter the industry at the bottom rung of the ladder, whilst also being associated with our brand goals, such as our commitment to environmentally friendly waste disposal.

We can provide training and offer expertise

Becoming a part of our Junk Hunters team means that both you and your employees will have access to our training programmes and knowledge in the field of waste disposal, allowing you to get a leg-up on any local competition.

Become part of our proven track record for customer service

Our London based brand ‘London Junk’ has built itself an esteemed reputation for providing an efficient service and high levels of customer satisfaction to a range of residential, commercial and construction site clients. Becoming a franchisee means that you will be able to benefit from our customer service record, helping to provide an instant boost in sales to when launching your franchise.

More cost effective than starting your own business

If you’ve considered starting your own business but are struggling to generate enough start-up funds, then a franchise could be the perfect solution. Becoming a part of Junk Hunters will require a smaller start-up fee than launching your own enterprise, and with all the logos, uniforms and branding already accounted for, there’s less monetary issues for you to worry about.

Benefits on small business setup, with backing of a larger network

Going at it alone in business can by a risky strategy in today’s economy, so the bigger the network you are part of the more support your business will have. Here, you’ll have the mind-set of a small business operating independently across part of the UK, but with the support and backing of a larger network of fellow Junk Hunters.

Unlimited Business Potential

The opportunities are enormous for the right people. You’ll need to be committed and hard working but you won’t be alone. You’ll have the support of the Junk Hunters Head Office team and you’ll be taking on a proven business concept. What’s more clearing junk is about as future proof as it gets. Humans will always have rubbish that needs clearing.

For more information about how to become a part of the Junk Hunters franchise, contact us now on 0203 489 9353 or fill out our online contact form and member of our team will contact you.

Call Junk Hunters Today 0800 233 5865

Customer Service hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm.

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Call Junk Hunters Today
0800 233 5865

Customer Service hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm.

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