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Skip Hire vs. Junk Hunters


Hire a skip or use a waste removal service

Are you unsure whether it’s best to hire a skip or use a removal company truck to remove your waste? There are advantages to both depending on the circumstances.

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Using a removal company truck

In this case we would provide a truck together with an efficient two person team to remove your waste for you. Our team will do the work so you don’t need to do any loading yourself. You would use a truck once you have finished generating all your waste, as the team will remove it there and then, load it all onto the truck and take it away immediately.

A truck is best if you are based in a very congested area where it would be difficult to sort out a permit to leave a skip outside, or if there are vehicle and size restrictions to get to the site, making it difficult to drop a skip off.

It is suitable for both domestic waste, such as furniture, appliances, electronic waste and general junk as well as for office or light construction waste. You pay for the space you use on the truck, so it is also ideal if you don’t have enough waste to fill a skip.

If you use Junk Hunters’ removal truck service you can be assured you’ll be getting a service that offers genuine value for money. We believe our service offers an extremely competitive rate as well as a high standard of customer service which takes the hassle out of waste removal for you.

Hiring a skip

On the other hand a skip can be a useful option if you are creating waste over a period of time and don’t have anywhere to store it. The skip would be delivered to you and then left on site so you can load the waste as and when it is generated and it would only be removed once it is full.

All the loading of the waste would be left up to you, but it is ideal for situations where building, renovation or clearance work is being done and the waste is generated over a period of time. The waste can be loaded onto the skip as the work progresses. This also makes it a better option for soil, sand and similar waste.

If you are hiring as skip you will need to have the space for it and ensure that there are no access restrictions preventing the skip being dropped off and collected, as well as organise any permits if necessary.

Below is a simple comparison between skip hire and using a removal truck to help you decide which service is right for you.


Skip Hire

Removal Truck

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Customer Service hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm.

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0800 233 5865

Customer Service hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm.