Importance Of Professional Building Waste Disposal In London

building waste

Each year, new buildings and homes pop up across London, thanks to a booming building and construction industry. So booming is this industry that 32% of all waste being dumped in the UK today comes from building and construction waste! Some waste management experts estimate that over 120 tonnes of waste gets generated annually in construction sites. What this means is that clearly, there is need for building owners and managers to have mechanisms in place to clear this waste and debris. It’s not just a matter of convenience or choice; the law dictates that all construction projects worth £300,000 and above must always have an onsite waste management plan. The law is thus very clear in England in terms just how all waste is to be handled at these sites.


building waste

  • Here in London, you’d be better off hiring the services of a professional clearance company to handle all your building and construction waste. Failure to do this, you risk attracting hefty fines from the Environmental authority and the local council for breach of the set laws. The law is clear that all building and construction waste should not just be disposed off, but disposed off in a safe and secure way. This applies to any waste from building wrapping materials, and other left over materials on site.
  • A good waste clearance company should be able to sort such waste before disposing of it, so that whatever can be recycled is taken for recycling. The UK standards are still low even by EU standards, with countries like the Netherlands and Germany leading the way. Local authorities will thus recommend that you go for a clearance company that has high recycling rates. Much of what we can building and construction waste can be easily recycled and turned into other products.building waste
  • You also have an obligation to get the building waste cleared and disposed off especially if you are expecting new tenants to occupy the building. If it is a commercial property, children should be able to play and jump around the compound without worrying about rusted nails, iron sheet pieces, wires, shards of glass, and other dangerous leftovers that may cause injuries. The safety of your tenants and their families comes first, and there’s no better way to guarantee this than by getting a professional cleaner to get the waste and debris away.

building waste clearance


  • The final benefit of having a professional company to do the clearing is that such is likely to advise you best on what to do with materials left behind from building that can be reused. You could have unused nails, wood, cement, and other items that have remained; reselling them to a retailer or individual can help earn you some coins. In your individual capacity, you may not have much luck getting in touch with such buyers; but a building waste clearance company is likely to guide you forward and even assist in transporting such materials for resale! At times, you could even use the amount you raised from reselling to pay for the clearance services. It’s all about thinking smart.


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