Clearing Up Building Site Waste

building site waste

Hiring a professional waste clearance company is fully recommended if you are a domestic customer undertaking home renovations or the manager of a building site who is looking for an efficient and affordable way to remove waste.


Building waste can be time consuming and difficult to dispose of if you choose to do it yourself. A fully licensed team, like us here at Junk Hunters, will make it much easier for you.


Below are some of the benefits of choosing a professional waste clearance company.



Only charge for the waste removed


Using a waste clearance company like Junk Hunters could prove more cost-effective than hiring a skip. Clearance companies will only charge for the rubbish that is removed from the site. Waste can also be removed on a same or next day basis, saving you time.


Segregate and reduce waste


Different types of construction waste needs to be segregated into wood, metal and mixed materials. Often, building sites will have to get separate skips for each of these, but chances are if you’re undertaking a construction project in a big city, you don’t have the space required for skips for each material. It’s also time-consuming having to divide everything into each individual skip.


A waste clearance company like Junk Hunters can easily solve this problem, as they can separate all the waste for you and even help to recover recyclable materials from the mixed materials skips, which is much better for the environment. Junk Hunters will also ensure that you generate income from waste materials that could be worth something, as we only throw away materials if we must.


Saves time


Using a waste clearance company is also an easy time-effective solution, as it will ensure the builders are spending more time working and less time removing rubbish and cleaning. We believe that repeatedly using a waste clearance company like Junk Hunters throughout the time of your building project will help to keep the work schedules of the builders flowing.


Always consider health and safety


A junk removal company will provide workers that are properly trained and have the appropriate experience and equipment needed to get the job done. They will also be aware of the legal requirements for clearing specific types of building materials.


Avoids heavy fines


By law, you are responsible for making sure all building waste is disposed of correctly. But if you choose Junk Hunters, you will be given peace of mind as we will give you a mandatory waste transfer note for your compliance records, so you will know that you won’t be given an unexpected fine for inadequate waste disposal.

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