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Rubbish Removal Services In London By Junk Hunters


25 October 2017

Are you a home or business owner in London looking for a reputable rubbish removal company? An effective and affordable company that stands out from the rest? Well, then Junk Hunters should be your number one stop. We are a premier rubbish removal company in London that specializes in ensuring that your premises is always tidy and clean. We serve the residents of London the surrounding areas; you too are welcome to come on board. Customer satisfaction is our other name and we go whatever it takes to get the job done. Our customer care team is always on standby 24/7, ready to hear you and answer all your queries.

  • When you call Junk Hunters regarding a rubbish removal issue, there are a few questions we always seek to find out. We’ll want to know where you’re located, whether yours is a home or office clearance, the approximate amount of rubbish you want cleared. In this day and age of technology, Junk Hunters is one of the few removal companies in the UK where you can send photos of your rubbish via Snapchat and other social media tools.

rubbish removal london

  • Once we have formed a mental picture of the job that needs to be done, we’ll give you a free quotation. The quotation is nonbinding and you are not obligated to accept it as the final cost. It’s just an estimate of the total cost. In any case, once we send our clearance and removal teams over, we can always agree on exactly how much it’ll cost you to get the job done. The fact that we operate larger trucks for all tasks means that you’re always assured of value for your money. We charge you only for the rubbish we’ve removed, not the size of truck we’ve sent over. Like aforementioned, customer satisfaction is our other name and we strive to achieve that.

rubbish removal london

  • It’s also worth reminding you that Junk Hunters has one of the highest recycling rates of all rubbish removal companies around. 80% of all rubbish that we collect ends up in the recycling plants. Thus by hiring us, you’re not just making your premises clean; you’re also contributing towards helping keep our world cleaner. Whatever can’t be recycled, we’ll help you take for repair or even donate to those that may wish to reuse. In a nutshell, Junk Hunters has a policy of making the most out of all rubbish collected.
  • Our rubbish removal services include garden clearance, home rubbish removal, office and commercial premises removal, building waste removal, and so much more. We also offer Skip services. Regardless of how busy you are or tight your schedule is, we can always work out a way to send our removal teams over. We can dispatch them promptly if need be, or at a convenient time when you’re around to guide them. You can rest assured that we take great measures in ensuring that all our personnel are well vetted. We check their backgrounds and by the time we’re sending them over to your premises, we’re 100% certain that they’re trustworthy.


  • You can always get in touch with us via phone, email, or even on our site. You just need to enter your details on the site and you’ll see whether we operate in your location, and how much it’ll cost you. Junk Hunters never includes any hidden fees or costs in our pricing. No loading or parking fees; what we clear is what you pay for.

Take advantage of our extremely effective removal services, we’re now offering handsome discounts and offers as we approach Christmas. Talk to us today to learn more on this page about rubbish clearance in London.

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