Cost of Clearing Waste


So you’ve sorted out the junk in your house which needs to be thrown away…
now what?


Here at Junk Hunters we’ve broken down the costs of clearing your waste to help you decide which is the best option for you.


The first step is to choose between a skip and a waste clearance company. Many people choose to use a skip because they believe it’s a cheaper option.


Little do they know that waste clearers only charge for the rubbish they remove. If you’re only getting rid of a select few pieces of junk, it’s probably a more cost- effective option to hire a waste clearance company.


In addition to this, skips will usually just take your junk to the landfill. Considering the current shape of our environment, this is certainly not a good idea.


The good thing about waste clearance companies is that they make sure all your waste is taken to the correct facility. Waste removal companies like us make sure we never throw recyclable materials into the landfill.


What can a waste removal business clear for me?


Waste removal businesses can clear pretty much everything from debris, domestic and commercial waste and even household items like chairs, tables and mattresses.


Unlike skips, waste clearers sort through your junk and take it to the correct facility. Waste removal companies like Junk Hunters will even write you a list, which will tell you exactly where your rubbish is going.


This is all included in the cost, meaning you get far more help and assistance for your money in comparison to hiring a skip.


So which method is cheaper? Well you could always go with your gut, or you could take some time to decide which method of waste collecting is right for you.


Waste clearance professionals like Junk Hunters usually confirm the price of removing your junk before you order, and you are under no obligation to accept. This means you could do a price comparison check between a skip and waste clearance, to decide what’s right for you.


Check out our pricing list on our site to find out more.

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