How To Get Rid Of Office Waste Using The Best Office Clearance Service In UK

office waste clearance

office waste clearance london


Most of the products and items used in offices are toxic and can be harmful to the human health as well as the environment. Hazardous materials are those that can be said to be toxic, explosive, radioactive, flammable, and corrosive. If you look at most of the waste items in an office, they tend to fall within these categories; printer ink toners, damaged fluorescent bulbs, batteries, damaged electronics, and so on so forth. These may appear like harmless items when viewed as small scale; but when they accumulate, they can have huge negative impacts on the environment and people living around. This is why officer and commercial building owners should always engage professional clearance service providers. The UK law is very clear on how to manage e waste in the infamous WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Recycling) regulation of 2014. Failure to comply means attracting a fine or even jail time!


  • When hiring an office waste clearance company, ensure that such a company is registered and has the relevant authorization to offer such services. You as the office owner will be held responsible for any hazardous waste that falls in the wrong hands. Thus when a contractor or company comes to clear the waste, you should check to be sure that they are indeed able and authorized to offer these services.
  • In this day and age of computer technology, you don’t have to litter your office with CDs; a single flash disk can hold what a thousand CDs could contain! There’s an old mantra that the best way to manage office waste, is not to generate it to start with! When it comes to the disposal of old computers, you don’t have to dump all as waste fit for disposal. How about donating or giving such to charity homes or homes for the elderly?

office waste clearance


  • If there is any cleaning to be done inside the office, the clearance company should opt for more eco friendly and less hazardous cleaning products. The things to consider here are how toxic the cleaning product is, whether it’s biodegradable, as well as packaging. Many UK companies are striving to embrace green methods of waste clearance and disposal and as the office owner, you too should embrace this. If a clearance company is all about getting the job done at all costs then clearly, you have reason to be concerned about hiring such.
  • Seeing that some UK clearance companies tend to lie just to have you hire them, always seek to find out whether they have experience clearing an office similar to yours. Do they have referrals of other clients with offices that they have worked with? A good office clearance company should not just introduce their services orally; they should have a portfolio of all the former clients they have worked with especially office and commercial building owners. With such, you can bet on their professionalism and skills when it comes to working in an office environment.


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