Fly Tipping
Fly Tipping: Why we should all be concerned about it
Here at Junk Hunters we understand that the world of waste collection is far from glamorous, but there are a
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Downsizing your home
Are you moving to a smaller house? Then you need to downsize and get rid of your junk. Over time,
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What council is the worst at trashing recyclable waste?
Last year, one council was named as the worst for recycling waste. Findings from the 2014-15 statistics listed Kirklees Council
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Clearing waste at Silverstone
As well as being one of the biggest races on the Grand Prix calendar, the yearly British GP is also
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Clearing up the London Marathon
One of the most renowned races in the world, the London Marathon brings together both professional athletes and hardworking charity
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London Business Waste Solutions
Despite getting day to day business waste collected, many London businesses still find that somehow rubbish still seems to accumulate
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Garden Waste Clearance – Why Choose a Waste Clearance Company Over Traditional Skip Hire
Whether you’re simply giving your garden an overdue tidy up or you’re undertaking some more intensive landscaping work, you’ll probably
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Reducing Household Waste
We are living in a society where everything is disposable and the more we consume the more we end up
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Local Councils’ New Stance on DIY Waste and How it Could Affect You
If you’re not entirely au fait with local council rules regarding waste disposal – and let’s face it, who is?
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