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Garden Waste in the Spring

Whilst we are all forced to stay at home, it is a good time to tackle some of those jobs in the garden that have been ‘hanging around’. It’s also important to get some fresh air and your own garden is the safest place to do so at the moment. Making trips to the local tip at this time is not a great idea and that’s why you may need to look at an alternative.

Not only has the current situation forced us all to stay in our homes, as we come into spring this is the best time to spend time working in the garden. There’s pruning to do, mowing your lawn, planting, weeding and cutting back shrubs and trees. It may also be the time to tackle some of the larger projects involving landscaping, creating new beds, removing bushes and trees as just a few examples.

Even a small garden can product a decent amount of waste, clearing your garden waste can be a bit of a challenge because in most cases standard rubbish bins won’t suffice. Whilst you can use a certain amount for compost, mulch or firewood, you may not be able to reuse everything and you may not have the space to do so either. You could hire a skip but this still potentially involves a lot of heavy lifting or multiple trips back and forth from the back to front of the house. This therefore may not be the best option for you.

A waste clearance company such as Junk Hunters can offer you peace of mind as no contact is required. You can simply book our services and stay inside whilst we collect your garden waste and ensure it’s properly disposed of.

It’s also that time of year when the sun starts to make an appearance and the air starts to warm a little and so getting outside is a necessity for our general heatlh and wellbeing, if you don’t have a garden to spend time in. Make use of the outdoors, go for a walk in your local area but try and stay away from parks where you know if will be busier. Adopt and adhere to all Government advice with regards to social distancing to keep yourself safe. Your health and safety is the most important this during these times, so please do look after yourselves.

If you can use our services and support a local business then we would be very grateful. Wishing you and your family well.

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