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5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Rubbish:


You may already be aware that some types of rubbish, that don’t end up getting recycled or sent to the landfills, get incinerated. To cope with the growing amount of waste we’re producing in the country, waste incineration is constantly on this rise. But did you know the combined operational capacity of waste incinerators in the UK is expected to cross 16 million tonnes of waste per annum by 2022?. In fact, waste incineration is expected to overtake recycling in the UK sooner than we think!  These shocking statistics reveal what may lay ahead of us in the future, in this case, more pollution for the environment in the UK. 

So how can we do our part in minimising the threat to the environment we live in? Most importantly, how shall we clear our rubbish responsibly and carefully in order for us to protect the environment? In this article, we delve into this and much more. Read on!

5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Rubbish

  1.       Burning rubbish

Of course, some people would burn anything to set up the bonfires in winter, even rubbish! However, you should never do this, especially not in your property’s back garden. It goes without saying that putting domestic rubbish in a fire in a residential area will not just cause a lot of pollution, but also cause trouble for our neighbours. If this wasn’t enough, the thick, dark smoke that emits out of burning rubbish in the open is dangerous for the traffic passing on nearby roads.

This includes burning garden waste, which is considered organic waste, but still, rubbish is rubbish. Some local council authorities provide a garden waste collection service for homes and residential properties on a limited basis. It’s advisable to get in touch with them and inquire about their services before you put your garden waste in a fire, but remember you’ll still need to clear it all yourself!


  1.       Fly-tipping

We all know that fly-tipping (or throwing your rubbish out in the open at someone else’s property, even in a  public property for that matter) is an illegal offence. Needless to say, dumping domestic waste in an open space, or anywhere else where it’s deemed inappropriate, shouldn’t be done. If it happens even by mistake and you’re caught, you will end up in trouble with the borough council.  Therefore, it’s advisable you never do it!


  1.       Putting your household items out on the street

It may happen that you don’t need that old fridge or sofa in your house anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can put it out on the street – regardless of whether it’s free or for sale! This could be flagged as fly-tipping and you may face similar consequences. Instead, try getting the help of recycling service providers, donate those items to the charities, or simply upcycle them.


  1.       Burying rubbish at your property

Even if it is on your own private property, it’s harmful to the environment if you choose to bury the rubbish. In fact, there are regulations around this, so it’s never a good idea to go this route, no matter what the situation.


  1.       Handing over the rubbish to non-professional rubbish removal service providers

After you’ve finished doing office, home, or garage clearance, you may end up having a big pile of rubbish with only a few limited options when it comes to getting rid of it. You can either take the rubbish and drive to your local council all by yourself, or you can hire a professional rubbish removal service provider in London.

However, it’s advisable you never hand over your rubbish to shady rubbish removal companies in London who are not licensed for collecting waste or disposing of it. Going this route is always a bad idea. Of course, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your rubbish doesn’t eventually end up being fly-tipped or disposed of illegally after it has been removed from your property.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to keep it in mind that there’s no way to throw your rubbish ‘away’. It’s in our best interests if we can try to send more items for recycling, and sort the rubbish so that a large part of it can be recycled, reused or processed in some other way.

In case you’re busy with work or kids and don’t want to waste time doing property clearance or clean-up, we are here to help! We, at Junk Hunters, provide professional and licensed house clearance and rubbish removal services in London. If you need help, contact us today!

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