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How Our House Clearance Service Has Green Credentials

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With a house clearance service, your number one priority will, naturally, be getting rid of all of the unwanted items on your property. However, most house clearance companies can provide that. Few may do it with the dedication to service, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that Junk Hunters can, but a clear property is the standard across the industry.

However, more and more homeowners aren’t just concerned about what’s on their property, they’re just as concerned about where those unwanted items go. Junk Hunters is proud to announce that you don’t need to worry, as we now have the green credentials to prove that no landfill is involved in our house clearance service.

Our Green House Clearing Services

Junk Hunters has always been dedicated to eco-sustainability, but now we have the credentials to prove that we provide a 100% environmentally friendly waste collection and recycling service, serving homes, businesses, and work sites all across London.

With Junk Hunters, not only can you ensure the best waste collection services available, but you can dispose of just about anything and make sure that your landfill contributions aren’t going up. It doesn’t matter what you have to clear, we will take it off your hands, so you can say goodbye to unwanted items without having to lift a single finger.

We’re not just responsible, we’re also careful. We’ll ensure no damage to both the goods that we’re moving and to your property so that, where possible, we can re-home or reuse unwanted items. Otherwise, we will find a way to recycle them. Either way, you can ensure that no landfill will involve in your home clearance service.

Responsible Waste Removal, No Matter Where, No Matter When

Our dedication to green service runs through our entire business model, not only when it’s convenient. Timely response and immediate assistance with next-day rubbish collections and urgent waste removal ensure that we can help you as and when your schedule demands it and we will still ensure that your waste is disposed of in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

Similarly, it doesn’t matter whether we’re performing a house clearance, helping at a building site, a commercial property or otherwise. None of that waste will end up in a landfill, and we have a record of finding direct recycling methods for over 80% of all the waste we’ve collected over the ten years we’ve been working in London.

Have More Unwanted Goods Than You or Your Bin Can Handle?

Rather than renting a skip and dramatically increasing your contribution to growing landfills that are posing an increasingly urgent environmental problem, work with a team who is dedicated to getting rid of them in a more sustainable and socially responsible way.

Get in touch with Junk Hunters today, answer a few questions about the service you need, and we will glad to take your unwanted junk off your hands. There’s no stress, no work, and no guilt for you with our no landfill green service.

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