We're continuing to collect commercial and domestic waste. Please check our COVID-19 guidance before booking by clicking here.

Contactless Rubbish Removal in Birmingham

Contactless rubbish removal Birmingham

Warm summer weather is officially here and for many homeowners and others, that means waste removal and once you’ve got rid of all that rubbish maybe to the beach!

During lockdown, many people in Birmingham took advantage of this time to tackle DIY projects, spend time in the garden and seizing the opportunity to have a good clear out. You might have old fencing, broken garden furniture and other items that require removal from your property or there is likely to be the rubbish and clutter in your garden that you have finally decided to clean up and get rid of.

We saw a surge in cars outside rubbish tips with more people wanting to dispose of their household waste. Use the following checklist before you make that trip;

  • Separate your recyclable rubbish – Cardboard, wood, green waste, wood waste & metals
  • Remove any hazardous waste – Paints, batteries, pesticides etc.
  • Reuse organic waste such as leaves, grass clippings, hedge trimming as much as you can
  • Park your vehicle in a central location and make your journeys quick at the tip now that you’ve separated beforehand to reduce the exposure time.
  • Before you make the trip it is best you check the latest news and opening times before you visit your local household waste recycling centre

The last two months has seen the way we operate as a whole change quite significantly. Whilst it is extremely important that you get rid of your rubbish, please maintain a safe distance between other users wanting to get rid of rubbish tips by following government guidelines.

We at Junk Hunters do understand the importance of clearing your waste, that’s why we operate a service that provides you complete peace of mind from start to finish. We call it Contactless rubbish removal – yes you read that right – book your rubbish removal service at your convenience online or by calling us, then leave your rubbish outside the property and once completed we will send you a secure payment link directly to your own mobile or pc via the phone number or email address that you have provided. So why take the risk by exposing yourself to Covid 19, start booking by clicking here.

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