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How to clear your house if you’re moving abroad


25 July 2017

If you’re moving to another country and your current house needs clearing, you’re probably wondering what steps you need to take to have an easy, hassle-free move. Below features some of our top tips to ensure clearing your current house is as easy as possible when moving abroad.

Do room by room
Start clearing the house systematically by doing room by room. Set yourself a plan for the days you are doing it and pace yourself. Clearing out your house to move to another country can be an overwhelming process, so take lots of breaks and don’t be tempted to do the whole house at once.

Decide what you need to take with you
Go through all of the items in your home and decide what you need to take with you and what you need to give away. Bare in mind that the more you decide to take with you, the more it’ll cost to ship. Ask yourself if you really need the item that you are considering taking. A good idea when sorting through is to use color coded sticky notes to place on boxes and on large items that can’t be boxed.

Be realistic
When sorting through the items, you need to be realistic about how much benefit it will have to you once shipped abroad. If you start to see your ‘keep’ pile overflowing, sort through it again, this time, asking yourself if you’re really going to need it.

Call for a waste clearance company
If you are moving abroad, you will more than likely have a lot of items that need throwing away. If this is the case, why not call on a waste clearance company? When hiring a waste clearance company, you can get them to remove all or most items within the property, and they dispose of it all for you.

Waste clearance companies will also sort through all of your junk to decide the correct facility it needs to be taken to. This way is much better for the environment, as when hiring a skip, the entirety of the skip will go straight to the landfill site.

If you’re moving abroad, why not call Junk Hunters today?