How to live a minimally

live a minimally

Some people may believe is minimalism is a fad trend, but actually, many people seek happiness in living minimally. The first place to start when seeking the path to a simpler life is to de-clutter your home. Below are some ideas on how you can start.


Own less


One of the first and one of the most important steps is to rid your house of too many items. It’s important to start slow and intentionally. Throw out or donate everything you don’t obviously need first. Then, wait a few days so you can ponder on the things you think you might need. Keep reminding yourself that stripping away as much stuff from your life will make it easier to achieve a simpler lifestyle.


Discard duplicates


One way you can live more minimally is by not having two of the same thing. If you have two of the same book, DVD, piece of stationary etc. then you need to throw away or donate one. This will stop you having so much clutter.


Ask yourself questions


Before you buy anything, you should ask yourself “do I really need this?” At first, you may easily justify purchases out of habit, but as the question sinks in, you might find that you don’t need items that you impulse buy.


Have a space for everything


If your house is fairly small, small spaces aren’t forgiving. If you’re aiming to live minimally, no space on the floor should have items on it. By using clever storage spots, you can help keep your house clear of clutter.


Get rid of decorations


Many of the decorations in our homes hold no personal meaning or value to our lives – they are simply there for aesthetic purposes. Take a moment to walk through your home and only keep decorations that are meaningful.


Dump the junk


So you’ve de-cluttered in a bid to have a more minimalistic life…now what do you do with all of that junk? A good option is to give Junk Hunters a call. We can pick up all of your junk and dispose of the unwanted items to the correct facility. We will take most things you’re seeking to get rid of and we will even provide you with a list showing you what has been donated, recycled and taken to the landfill.


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