How to get rid of junk

get rid of junk

If your house is full of unwanted junk, you may be wondering how to get rid of it all. This post offers a step-by- step guide on the different ways you can de-clutter, to ensure you have a junk-free home.


Start small


If you have a load of junk that fills your entire house, start small. Begin your de-cluttering mission by doing room-by- room and dedicate a few minutes a day to sorting through it.


Commit to getting rid of your junk


Mentally prepare yourself and be realistic when you’re debating whether to part with something you haven’t used in a long time.


Decide what you want to keep, store or throw away


Use three boxes to help you sort this. For any items in the keep box, work out where you are going to put them. These should be stored neatly in draws or containers. For storage, categorise and label containers as you fill them, then neatly place them in your storage area. When getting rid of your items, work out what you can donate to charity first, before throwing away the rest.


Decide how you are going to throw away items


If you’re getting rid of a lot of items, you will need someone to come collect all of the junk. You can either choose to call a skip, or hire waste clearers. If you have concerns about the environment, a skip would not be the best idea, as they take everything straight to landfill. Skips are also very time consuming as you have to do it all yourself.


Another choice would be to hire a waste clearance company. Waste clearance companies take time to sort through your junk before taking it all to it’s designated waste facility. They also create a list so you can see what’s been sent where, and they remove all the junk for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Junk Hunters can collect all of your waste. So why not call us today?

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