What council is the worst at trashing recyclable waste?


Last year, one council was named as the worst for recycling waste. Findings from the 2014-15 statistics listed Kirklees Council as the worst for green bin contamination in England. Over 14.99% of the recyclable waste was rejected (the national average was 3%).


The cost to local authorities lies in having to re-sort the contaminated recycling bins. This is said to be the primary reason why so much waste in the recycling is being rejected. The staggering number is also said to be because the council cut funding for awareness and support about recycling, which has impacted on people’s knowledge on what they should and shouldn’t put in their waste recycling bins.


This proves that necessary support is needed from councils for households to become more aware about recycling. Here at Junk Hunters, we care about the environment, and want to encourage households to refrain from using skips and bins wherever possible.


Some of our top tips for recycling include separating your waste and your recycling into two different bins indoors, as well at outdoors. This makes it easier for you to work out what needs to be recycled and what needs to be thrown away. You should also take time when working out what needs to be recycled. If you can’t decide, do a bit of research beforehand. This can save your local authorities time and money. Also, remember to clean your items so that they are rid of food before throwing them in the recycling bin.


If you have a large amount of rubbish that you need to get rid of, you won’t be able to put it all into the recycling and waste bins. If that’s the case, why not call Junk Hunters? We dispose of any rubbish given to us, and we dispose of it the best possible way, making it far better for the environment then hiring a skip. We decide exactly what needs to go to recycling and what can be donated before throwing anything away. If we’re what you need, give us a call today!

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