How to avoid bad waste clearance companies

bad waste clearance companies

If you’re thinking of hiring a waste collection service, then it’s important that you do your research before you book anything. Sometimes fake and uninsured clearance services can fly-tip your junk illegally after taking it away from you.


Here at Junk Hunters we are a fully-licensed and professional business, but if you’re going to choose a different service, then you should follow these steps as a guide to avoid being scammed by an unlicensed waste clearance company:



1. Ensure they are fully licensed


You must always ensure that they have a waste carriers license issued by the environment agency, and the correct credentials to adequately dispose of your rubbish.


2. Trained staff


Professional businesses will have measures in place to protect their employees. A valued and fully-licensed waste clearance company will have trained their staff on exactly how to get rid of certain waste, especially waste in commercial properties or on building sites.


3. Tell you where your waste is going


Unlicensed waste clearance companies will not tell you where your waste is going. Here at Junk Hunters, we give you a list which shows exactly where your waste has gone. We only throw away things that we must. Anything that we can recycle or donate we will.


4. Give you a knowledgeable quotation


Get a quotation from a clearance company to understand exactly how they operate. If you give Junk Hunters a call, we can give you a full evaluation of your waste and a quote. If the clearance company you are calling doesn’t sound like they know what they’re talking about, they probably aren’t the best company to choose.


5. Good ratings


A good online reputation and ratings will reflect well on the business. Ensure they have good reviews on all platforms before giving them a call. If you hire an unlicensed waste clearance company and find they have fly-tipped your waste, report them to your local council immediately. You could also give them a bad online rating, to warn others of their shoddy practices.


For a hassle-free, fully licensed and well-respected waste clearance company, choose Junk Hunters. Give us a call or esquire online today.

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