Clearing waste at Silverstone


As well as being one of the biggest races on the Grand Prix calendar, the yearly British GP is also one the sporting highlights in the UK, attracting an astonishing 275,000 attendees across a weekend of adrenaline fuelled racing. Of course, here at Junk Hunters our main concern is the levels of waste that the event produces.


A report dated from 2013 estimated that across the entire weekend, Silverstone amassed an incredible 300 tonnes of waste. If not disposed of properly this can have huge repercussions for the environment, so it’s crucial with large-scale sporting events such as this to dispose of any rubbish in the correct fashion.


A whole weekend event such as this will no doubt have hired a private removal company to take of the waste for them, but will most likely have worked in conjunction with local councils and businesses in order to limit the races’ impact on the local community. Silverstone employs 150 members of staff alone just to pick up litter once the racing weekend has finished.


Like the majority of major arenas like Silverstone, they now operate a strict waste management policy to help limit their impact on the environment. Among some of the positive stats provided is that now 91% of all waste in recycled, and there has been an introduction of waste stations and mobile compactors to help quickly remove rubbish from the site. They even estimate that the amount they managed to reduce their CO2 emissions at the 2013 edition of the race is enough to save a total of 880 trees.


To see a leading sporting event such as the British GP provide such an excellent standard of ethical waste disposal shows just how committed they are to providing an environmentally friendly solution to the waste issues of large-scale gatherings. If you too have a small or large scale event that would benefit from the assistance of a waste removal company who specialises in the ethical dispose of waste, call Junk Hunters today on 0800 233 5865 of book using our online form.

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