Spring Garden Clearance Tips

With Spring on its way, most gardeners will soon be busy getting their garden back into shape again. We’ve put together some tips for London gardeners regarding garden clearance to help you get your garden looking its best.

Garden clearance tasks for Spring

Now is the time to tidy up any remaining leaves as well as general garden rubbish that gives a home to snails, slugs and woodlice. Getting rid of it can also help prevent disease and infection from being introduced into your garden. You can also put out food and water for birds, as getting birds into your garden will help to reduce the number of slugs and insects.

You should also remove algae and moss from patios and pathways. The best way to do this is with a dedicated patio and path cleaner, tar-oil winter wash or with a pressure washer.

Spring is a good time to tidy out your shed or garage too, as over winter most of us tend to just store any excess junk and rubbish in there. Choose a dry and preferably sunny day and if possible try to move as much out of there as you can. Give the area a good sweep and remove any old cobwebs and dead insects before putting back the things you do still want to keep in the garage or shed.

With the stuff that is left, sort out what you can donate to charity or give away on a site such as Free-cycle and then put the rest of the junk into a pile to be taken away. You may find that it is easier to use a garden clearance service such as the one offered by Junk Hunters, rather than making a ridiculous number of trips to the tip. A skip isn’t usually necessary, and may end up costing you a lot more than a waste clearance service too.

When it comes to garden clearance Junk Hunters offers services that are cost effective, efficient and professional. Contact us now to find out just how competitive our London garden clearance prices are.

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