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Junk Hunters

23 June 2015

House clearance services can be essential when you have inherited or bought a house which contains a lot of materials from the previous owner, or when you decide that you simply want to get rid of clutter accumulated after years of living in the same property. When you hire a house clearance company, you can ask them to remove all, or most, of the items within the property, and dispose of it for you. House clearances can be essential if you are the executor of a will involving the house and its contents, but they can also be a way of removing items from an attic, basement or garage easily.

What do house clearance companies will do?

House clearance companies like us work in a surprising number of areas, including in places that most people may not want to go, or the potential for vermin or hazardous waste. Typically, customers ask us to clear a range of debris, from domestic and commercial waste to buildings that have been used by all sorts of tenants and need to be thoroughly cleansed before they are returned to domestic use. Clothes, kitsch ornaments, mattresses, and even furniture including old beds and chairs, can all be disposed of through a waste clearance company like ours. We can also manage probate house clearances for when loved ones sadly pass.

What will clearance companies not handle?

The type of rubbish that is generally not handled by house clearance companies may vary, depending upon the capabilities of any particular business. However, most clearance companies, such as ours, will handle a large variety of rubbish, but if there is something that you are unsure about then it is as simple as sending us an email or calling.