Summer Garden and Plant Clearing

Summer is the time of year when the garden should look its best, full of flowers and bright leaves. However, summer is also the prime season for weeds, such as nettles and brambles, and can also be the season when the least amount of clearing work is done in the garden. If you want to make sure that your garden looks its best all year around, then you need to ensure that you carry out clearing of unwanted plants and dead matter whenever you can.

Clearing wilted leaves

There are many plants which have a dying-off cycle at the beginning of summer, including daffodils, carnations and tulips. This is the season when dead flower heads and leaves should be removed from these plants. Make sure that the blossom on the flowers has completely died away, and then cut back as low as possible. Brown leaves and flowers put stress on the bulb so get rid of as much as possible. Once this is done, you may wish to cover over the bulbs with a layer of top soil, or some fertilized compost, in order to ensure that the bulb will be protected in winter, and ready to flourish again next summer.

Cleaning the garden

Like most gardeners, you will be busy weeding the flower beds even in the middle of summer. Left to their own devices, weeds can quickly take over any flower bed, so you have to strike first, and quickly. Make sure that you get rid of the weeds, and then dispose of the removed plants. If you have pulled nettles, for example, up by the root, then leaving them in another part of the garden could allow them to re-grow, so you have to remove the same weed twice.

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