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Spring Clearance


26 July 2017

As the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, you’ll find that it’s finally time to break out the marigolds and give your home its annual spring clean. Once you get started with your cleaning, you’ll soon find yourself sorting the house from top to bottom, clearing out spare rooms, lofts, gardens and any other areas that needs a serious scrub.

Whether using a long bank holiday weekend or your spare time to give your home or garden a clear-out, you’ll want all your waste cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here at Junk Hunters, we can help make your spring cleaning less of a chore by quickly and ethically disposing of any rubbish that you need removed.

We can help clear away all old junk from your house, whilst making sure that we recycle all possible materials and dispose of any non-recyclable waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Here are just a couple of ways that our trained team of professionals can help you with your annual spring clean. Cleaning out your garden Cutting your grass, trimming your hedges, and de-weeding are necessary tasks on your gardening to-do list, especially when they’ve all been left to overgrow for months.

This leaves you with bags and bags of garden waste, and rather than have to arrange a date with the council to collect them or take them all to a refuse site, Junk Hunters can sort the problem for you quickly and professionally.

We can clear any rubbish from your garden, including old rusty BBQ’s, broken down lawnmowers or bags of rotting garden waste, giving you the room to start putting together your dream garden for the summer.

Cleaning out your spare room, loft or basements
These rooms are always collecting junk that is no longer wanted, and a spring clean makes for an ideal time to ditch this surplus waste.

Junk Hunters can help by safely and responsibly removing any large pieces of furniture from your house, saving you the hassle of carrying them up or down flights of stairs and disposing of them at landfill sites.

We can clear any rubbish that you have, including cupboards, sofas, dressers and everything else that is collecting dust. Once we’re done clearing away your waste our team will help you clean up, allowing you to turn that loft or spare room into something really worthwhile. Call us today on 0800 233 5865 to find out more.