Commercial Waste Clearance

Commercial waste clearance

If you are buying or selling a commercial property, clearing out the waste is one of the most important priorities.


It is also important if you run a large company and you have a lot of waste you need to take care of.


Below is some more information on commercial waste clearance and the services the team here at Junk Hunters can offer.


Unlike household waste, commercial waste needs to be disposed of in a more sensitive way. If you’re buying or selling a property, there may be office furniture, technology, documents and white goods which cannot simply be thrown into a skip. Junk Hunters is fully licensed to collect all kinds of waste, including these types of items. This means you won’t need to get several companies in to remove your rubbish. You can just rely on us to do it all for you.


We are also available to hire for an efficient waste disposal method. To save yourself and your employees the hassle of having to empty the bins, you can hire us to take care of it. We specialize in dealing with all types of waste, and can effectively clear and recycle business waste on a regular basis.


It is important to also note that some commercial waste contains mercury and other harmful content. There are also things like fluorescent tubes, electronic equipment and clinical waste which cannot be dumped in landfill. These all need to be disposed of safely and correctly and should be done by fully-licensed professionals.


And even if the waste isn’t harmful and can be disposed of, sometimes companies will produce so much waste that there is too much to take care of. Many organisations across the UK rely on professional services to take care of their waste, so, why don’t you?


Give Junk Hunters a call today or book online for a cost-effective, time-friendly and hassle- free commercial waste collection service.

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