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Stress Relief – The Benefits Of De-cluttering


26 July 2017

Excessive clutter is often a symptom and a cause of stress and it can affect every part of your life. De-cluttering can seem like a large task if you don’t know where or how to start. But by devoting a section of your time to getting rid of the clutter in your life, you’ll reap in the benefits of pleasant living areas. This should inevitably reduce your stress levels.

Take one step at a time
The best way to tackle de-cluttering is to start small. Take a section of your home, your work or your garden space and make it a mission to de-clutter. Small steps will lead to big improvements.

Start with your work area
Start with your desk space and clear everything out of the drawers. Recycle any bits of paper and stationary you don’t use and file any documents that are needed but lying around your workspace. Storage spaces like shelves and boxes are a great way to clear your desk of any clutter.

De-clutter computer and phone
Often, we don’t realise that files, images, apps and programs are all things that can clutter up our lives. Dedicate time to deleting files that you no longer care for. A clean screen is another thing that should help you de-stress.

Simplify your rooms
If your rooms are too cluttered, you’ll need to simplify them. Clutter that’s surrounding your floors and doesn’t have a storage space should either be stored neatly or thrown away.

After clearing the floor, move to flat surfaces and storage areas, getting rid of anything that you don’t essentially need or want. Sort things into ‘bin’, ‘donate’ and ‘keep’ piles and tackle room by room.

Clean your garden
Get rid of any weeds, over-grown grass and wilted leaves surrounding your garden. Sweep and mow until the garden seems clear and relaxing. There’s nothing better than reading a book in a beautiful and peaceful garden – it’s a great way to de-stress.

If you’re on a de-cluttering mission to help reduce your stress levels, why not call Junk Hunters? We can help with office clearances, house clearances and garden clearances. We get rid of any junk you have in clean and environmentally friendly way.

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