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Junk Hunters

13 November 2017

Everyone can clear their home of all the waste generated therein. The question is; can you get the job done professionally and thoroughly? While some owners may think that by doing it themselves, they will save some few coins, truth is that it makes more sense to hire a professional clearance company to come and help out. Mind you, clearing the waste and compiling it in a bin is the easy part; the waste has to be transported for disposal, and the disposal has to be in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations. This is where a home clearance company comes in; such is better equipped to handle all manner of waste from the collection to the disposal.

house clearance

  • Hiring a professional house waste clearance company service provider in London will give you peace of mind, knowing that the task at hand is in safe and able hands. You are able to concentrate on other important things. A dirty, untidy home can be a turn off even for the immediate dwellers. Only by having it cleaned thoroughly, and every waste or junk cleared, can you be able to feel at home in your own home.
  • Home waste clearance companies in London are better placed to get the job done, thanks to the tools and manpower at their disposal. Where the waste includes bulky items like damaged furniture on the top floor of an apartment, or chunks of wood cut off during a garden clearance; these will need specialized handling. Only a professional company with the tools and personnel can get the job done correctly without causing any damage or injuries. Such a company will come with their specialized trucks and bins in order to ensure that all waste is neatly packed inside, and transported for disposal without littering the compound or highway.

house waste clearance

  • Hiring a professional home waste clearance company is always affordable in the long term; most companies offer flexible payment options. Thus, instead of rushing to look for a clearance company each time you need one, you can have one company to be doing the job at all times. You can agree to have the cleaners come to collect waste after every few days, weekly, or depending on the duration you’ve agreed on. The billing can be done depending on the number of visits to your premises, or even the amount of waste collected each time. Either way, this arrangement works well for the home owner because it means that you have a helping hand that’s always on standby even when you have forgotten to call them over.
  • What happens when some of the home waste you have includes hazardous waste like E waste? Again, you have to rely on the expertise of a professional waste clearance company to ensure that you dispose of such in an eco friendly way! Old TV sets, broken down computers, radios, mobile phones; these cannot just be dumped in a landfill and expected to rot. They may contain harmful elements like mercury and other radioactive materials. A professional house waste clearance company in London will sort such waste and decide what can be taken for recycling, what can be repaired and restored to its former status. Wrong disposal of E waste will attract hefty fines or even a jail term.

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Junk Hunters has been offering house waste clearance services in London for many years; we are professional, affordable, and always equal to the task. You’re welcome to try out our services; we will offer you a free quotation on phone once you’ve explained to us the amount of waste that needs to be cleared.