Clearing up the rubbish after Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

For three weeks in August, the city of Edinburgh welcomes over 50,000 performers to one of the biggest art and culture festivals on the planet.


The city’s 500,000 population doubles as the streets are lined with performances from entertainers across the globe.


But whilst the festival brings thousands to the city, it also welcomes a whole load of rubbish during and after the festival has finished.


Council workers have a huge task on their hands cleaning the city of Edinburgh during the event.


In the past, there has often been complaints of over-flowing bins and rubbish-strewn streets. This has even led the city chiefs to hire 33 additional staff for street-cleaning shifts whilst the festival is on. Residents also called for an increase in bin collections to help the littering issue.


One of the main types of rubbish that is discarded during the festival is food waste and packaging, as well as drinks cans and cups. Another issue is also flyers and posters of performances.


If the council are unable to hire a private cleaning company then they should think about increasing the number of bins surrounding the streets. Increasing the bins would certainly decrease the rubbish that’s being strewn all over the street floors, as people would feel less of a need to litter and would throw them in the bin instead.


A good solution for the council would be to hire a professional cleaning company like JunkHunters whilst the event in on. This could be a good way to get rid of rubbish quickly and efficiently. This could also save them the hassle of having to hire more council staff for the festival.


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