Loft Clearance

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Lofts are a typical storage space for junk that we don’t need but can’t seem to face throwing away. And with all your old stuff just sat up in attic collecting dust, you’ll eventually find yourself thinking that its time you finally gave it a proper clear-out. All lofts need to be cleaned every so often but it can be one of the trickiest rooms in your house to clear, especially if the only way you can access it is through a rickety old ladder. It may be that you’re looking to convert your loft into an extra room, in which case you might find you need the entire area stripped and cleaned before you start redecorating.


Attics can often be tricky to access, and this can make passing down heavy boxes and sorting through dusty old junk far more of a chore than it needs to be. Factor in how long it takes to clear out your rubbish, sort through it and eventually take it to the dump, and clearing your loft becomes a pretty time consuming task.


How can Junk Hunters assist me in clearing out my loft? Junk Hunters can deal with all the required heavy lifting when clearing out any old junk, saving you the hassle of lifting heavy boxes and taking them from the top of your house to the outside curb.


We will take any rubbish that you have clogging up your house, including old boxes, sofas, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing tables, clothes and any other waste in your attic that needs removing. We will always try to be out of your way as quickly as possible; that means turning up, loading up, clearing up and leaving as soon as the job is done.


We are fully ensured to properly dispose of your junk, and once removed from your loft we’ll make sure all the rubbish we collect that it is disposed of properly and ethically.Nothing we throw away goes to landfill, and we always make sure that we recycle waste whenever possible.


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