5 Awesome Tips & Tools For Garden Clearance In London

garden clearance services

The English people have always loved and treasured lawns; if you ask most foreigners about what they know about Brits, most will cite our British accent, love for tea, and well, our fondness for gardens and lawns! For many centuries, gardens have always a crucial part in the life of Brits. However, it’s only in the 20th century that modern gardening as we know it started gaining prominence. Today, garden clearance is not just about making the garden clear and tidy; it’s a vital cog in the larger wheel of exterior design. The state of your garden says a lot about you, and can help compliment the larger design of your premises. Check out the below tips to guide you in the perfect garden clearance for your London home or commercial property.

garden clearance services

  1. Timing is King; the tradition among most English people was that the best time to clear your garden was in spring. This is because the weather is a bit fairer then and you’re able to reach ground areas that were entirely covered in snow in winter. Spring is also the best time to add more plants to replace damaged or dead ones on the garden. You’re also able to trim off overgrown branches and hedges at this time of the year.
  2. Have the right tools; apart from pruners and a rake, most home owners have little knowledge on the other tools needed in garden clearance. But there are numerous tools needed in order to do the job right and without damaging your plants. But there are hand trowels, spades, gloves, hedge clippers, watering can, secateurs, pruning saws, hedging shears, garden sieve; there are so many gardening tools available and the nature of the task at hand will determine what to use.

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  3. Tools preparation; this is a different point in that having gardening tools is one thing, having them sharp and ready for work is another. Tools like shears and cutters can be sharpened easily with a File. Sharpening them prevents breakages when cutting off branches and hedges.
  4. Morning or evening time the best; when clearing your garden, morning and evening times are always more preferable. The soil is softer and cooler then, and you’re also able to work better under the cooler weather. It also gives your plants ample time to recover and thrive.

    garden clearance in london

  5. Waste clearance; once you’ve finished your gardening, never leave the trimmed branches and leaves lying in the garden. Compile and pile them up in a landfill where they can rot and be used up as manure later. Larger branches can also be left to dry up and later used as firewood to warm your house in winter. As for the tools, you should never return them to the store dirty. Instead, always clean them and dry them with a dry piece of cloth, then put them in your store. Leaving them wet will lead to rapid rusting.

Garden clearance is fun; the above tips are things anyone can try out in their home!

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