Make more space at home

more space at home

Have you found that your house needs a bit more living space and a little less junk? Do you find yourself stepping over boxes of old waste that are clogging up your rooms? If so then it might be time for you to start clearing some extra space around your home.


It’s easy over time to fill up space with boxes, and getting rid of these to create more room is the perfect way to make your home feel larger. If you don’t find you have too much unwanted junk, rearranging your home is still a great way of adding more space to each room.


We’ve listed six easy solutions to creating more room in your home. Try a few of them out, and you’ll soon feel the added benefits of having a more spacious house.


Get furniture with extra storage space


A handy way of creating more space is to use furniture that can double up as extra storage. Beds and coffee tables are a great example of this, as they can both be bought with extra draw space stored beneath them.


Store vertically


Having shelves and storage units that are stacked vertically means that you can add some extra floor space to your home. For example, stacking your shoes in a vertical storage space stops them taking over your house’s hallway.


Make every piece of furniture count


When clearing your home to make more space it’s important to be as honest as possible, and ask yourself how much you really use certain pieces of furniture. If you find that there is a sofa you hardly use or an empty shelf unit that is collecting dust – then it’s time to donate it.


Don’t hide junk in rooms you rarely use


We tend to resist the urge to throw away old clutter, and will instead store junk in attics, basements and garages so that it is out of sight, when really it should be binned. These rooms are the best places to start when making more space at home, and you may find that if you throw out all the unwanted rubbish stored there that you might have a whole new room to make use of. Wall mounted shelves Much like shelves and vertically stacked storage units, a wall mounted shelf creates extra floor space and gives you a practical place to store odds and ends where they don’t feel like they’re taking up much space.


Throw out old waste


Once you’re finished clearing space in your home it’s time to get rid of all your unwanted rubbish. Waste removal companies such as Junk Hunters can help by collecting all your cleared-out waste and making sure that it is ethically disposed of. Using a waste removal company means that you don’t have to worry about having a skip blocking your driveway, as your rubbish is collected and out your way quickly and at a time that best suits you.


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