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Whether you are a domestic customer or the manager of a building site, clearing builders waste is easy when you hire a junk removal company. Unlike skip services, a junk removal company will only charge for the actual waste removed, reducing the overall cost of your building project. It also means that in London where you often need planning permission for a skip, you don’t need to worry. Rubbish is often removed on a same day basis, which saves the time it takes to clear up your work site and get on to the next task. Companies that specialise in waste removal need to be authorised to clear construction waste as this will guarantee they are a responsible disposal of waste company and they ensure that items that can be reused or recycled will be.

Junk Hunters are licensed and fully insured to carry and dispose of all types of waste responsibly.

Easy cost savings

Hiring a junk removal company to remove your builder’s waste means that you don’t have to apply for an on-road skip permit or pay for parking bay suspension fees to accommodate a skip. They will provide the manpower for the clearance, as well as all equipment needed, including dust sheets and rubble bags if needed. Equipped to remove a variety of builders waste, these businesses may end up eliminating the need to source different methods of disposal for everything from flooring, windows and kitchen cabinets to boilers and radiators.

An easy time-effective solution

The more waste you accumulate, the more it will cost to have it removed. Periodic use of a junk removal company throughout the life cycle of your building project, will reduce clearance costs overall and keep work schedules flowing by ensuring that the site remains relatively clear of obstacles. Clearance is quick and efficient and as the work is done by experienced London rubbish removers; your workers can stay on-task, instead of needing to take time out to load the purpose built vehicle.

If you are a domestic customer, a junk removal company saves you the time it will take to do the tedious work of clearing building materials away yourself, and in some geographic areas, there are also restrictions on what you can remove yourself. You may for example need a special license to be able to take a van or larger vehicle to your local tip.

A hassle-free solution to builders waste

When it comes to builder’s waste clearance, health and safety is also a factor. A junk removal company will provide workers that are properly trained and have the appropriate equipment and experience to do the job, they wont just send anyone. They will be aware of the legal requirements for clearing specific types of building material, and reduce the risk of injury to you or your construction staff in the form of cuts, abrasions, back pain and muscle strains from removing the waste.

A junk removal company such as Junk Hunters will remove builders waste from any part of your building site as long as they can access it and sort it into recyclables, reusable and for the landfill.  They will ensure that the floors are swept and that all debris has been removed before the end of the job. You will also be provided with any necessary certificates for the disposal of waste.  For your further convenience, fully insured junk removal services can be booked and managed online.