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Junk Hunters

31 May 2016

The end of the Winter months and the return of the sun means that many people begin their annual “spring clean”.

A junk removal company can help you take your spring cleaning efforts to a whole new level this year by taking away unused household items, removing your garden waste, and making it easy, convenient and affordable to include basements, attics and garage sheds in your spring clean.

Saving you time and money on spring cleaning

One of the benefits of hiring a junk removal company is that almost all your unwanted items can be taken away at once. Unlike council refuse services, you also won’t be required to manually take all your items to the refuse centre or turn up to find out they don’t take some items. All you need to do is point out which items need to be loaded onto the truck and the junk removal crew will take care of the rest. Pricing is based on the amount of space your stuff takes up in the truck and includes labour, gas and disposal.

Hiring a truck yourself can be time-consuming, tiring, and could even cost you more in the end. Junk removers can responsibly dispose of a range of items including old furniture, mattresses, household appliances, construction materials and garden waste. There may be extra fees for items that require special disposal like tyres and roofing materials.

However, a company’s ability to handle all kinds of waste translates into money saving benefits for you, because you only need the one service to dispose of all your junk. Many junk removal companies will also ensure that anything that can be recycled is reused, rather than taken to the landfill, and they often have relationships with charities and organisations that take recyclable items.

Give your loft a facelift

Is your loft bursting at the seams? A junk removal company can be part of the almost magical experience of having a fresh, clean space open up in your home. Clearing unused items from your loft or attic could help you stir up new creative storage solutions for storing seasonal clothing and shoes or inspire a new hobby like sewing or learning to play an instrument. Whatever you decide to do with the extra space created by removing the junk from your home, you can be sure that your home will feel lighter and brighter, and give you a greater sense of well being.

Make your garden a place for entertaining friends and family

Why not include your garden in your spring clean and enjoy the benefits of a home that sparkles both inside and out? A junk removal company can remove anything from dead branches, leaves and rubble to broken lawn equipment, your rusty barbecue grill, and old garden furniture. Once all the unwanted items are gone, you can begin to get your garden summer ready. You might choose to decorate your garden or create focal points that turn your garden into a relaxing outdoor space where you can entertain your family and friends in the warmer months of the year.