Bin etiquette

Bin etiquette

Having good bin etiquette is important for all neighborhoods and avoids the area looking untidy before and after collection day.


Often, there will be incidences where people will leave their bins outside on the streets, which can cause pavements and streets to become blocked. By following our handy guide below, you can ensure your bin etiquette remains neighbor- friendly.


  • Only leave a bin on the street if it’s bin collection day. Any other time all your bins should be kept in your garden or somewhere beside your house.


  • On the day that the rubbish has been collected, always move it back to where it should be. Do not leave your bin outside on the street, as this can cause blocked pavements and can also make it difficult for people to park if it’s too close to the road.


  • If your bin is damaged or goes missing report it straight away to the council. Always get it immediately replaced and NEVER steal any of your neighbour’s bins!


  • Do not put your waste in your neighbor’s bins unless you have spoken to them and they have given you permission to do so.


  • If your bin is overflowing, then it may not be collected by your local council. Council’s in England usually only collect the bin when the lid is shut and there are no bin bags surrounding the bin. If you leave any bin bags out as well as the bin, council’s will usually dispose of just the bin itself. They tend to leave the remaining contents you left beside the bin, and will leave a note on the bin to say they have done so. Not all councils are this strict so it is worth checking out the arrangements in your area. Over the festive period, councils will often allow you to leave additional rubbish out for them to collect.


  • If your bin is overflowing, either keep the remaining contents in a bin liner ready for the next collection day, or, sort through the rubbish and decide if it all needs to go in the waste bin. A lot of the time waste materials can be recycled, so check packaging labels and do a bit of research online to find out if something can or not. If it can, store it in the recycling bin instead. This should hopefully downsize your waste bin.



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