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Summer clear out


26 July 2017

Summer is the time of year when your garden and home both need to look their best. BBQ’s and garden parties will bring round guests to your house, so often you’ll end up doing a Spring clean during the Summer months. If this is the case then there are a few things you’ll need to tackle. Below are the top tips on clearing out your house and garden for summer.

If you’re tackling and cleaning out your garden space, it’s important to always clear any wilted leaves and dead flower heads, including the ones from daffodils, carnations and tulips. It’s also important to clean the garden of any overgrown weeds (always remember to pull up the weeds by the root).

Sweep and wash down the patio and any other surface that doesn’t have grass on it. Also, mow away the overgrown grass regularly, as this will ensure your garden remains pristine for your summer parties.

Remember to cut all the hedges and overgrown shrubs and give all your garden furniture a good clean down.

A summer clean means that there is going to be plenty of dusting, vacuuming and getting rid of a lot of junk. You could take care of this yourself, which would take hours to sort through and decide what junk needs to go to what facility. Or, you could hire a waste collection company to do it all for you.

Using an expert team like Junk Hunters will help you let go of the junk that you do not need or want without you having to go through every individual box. In an efficient and friendly way, Junk Hunters can clear your home in a weekend rather than doing it yourself and having it take a month of weekends.

Having a clean, sanitized and tidy home will mean you are fully prepared for the summer months, as you will have a much more inviting space that you can welcome all of your guests into.