Gardening clearance

Gardening clearance

If you’re looking to have a fresh garden space that’s full of flowers (and no weeds, nettles and brambles), you need to make sure that you clean your garden whenever you can. Below are the steps you need to take to ensure your garden remains beautiful all year round.


Clear garden rubbish


It’s important to regularly clear your garden of rubbish that could give a home to snails, slugs and woodlice.


Clear wilted leaves


After springtime, many plants and flowers start their dying-off cycle. Flowers like daffodils, carnations and tulips will begin to die, so the dead flower heads and leaves will need to be removed from their stalks. The trick is to make sure the blossom on the flowers has completely died away, and then cut them as low as possible. Brown leaves and wilted flowers put stress on the bulb, so make sure you remove both of these.


Once these have been removed, add a layer of top soil or some fertilized compost over the bulbs, to ensure that the bulb will be protected in winter and ready to flourish again next spring.




Flowerbeds need to be weeded, even in the middle of summer. If you leave weeds for too long, they will begin to take over the whole flowerbed. Make sure you act fast in getting rid of the weeds. Take time to pull up all the nettles by the root as well, and inject fresh soil if you’re planning on adding new plants.


Sweep and mow


Make sure your garden is perfectly pristine by sweeping down all paths and surfaces. It’s also important to mow away the overgrown grass regularly, as this will ensure your garden remains clean and clear all year round.


Remove algae and moss


By using either patio cleaner, tar-oil winter wash or a pressure washer, remove all algae and moss from patios and pathways.


Cut hedges and overgrown shrubs


Another thing that can stop your garden from being clean is overgrown hedges and shrubs. Make sure you’re regularly cutting the stems back to ensure they don’t take over your garden space.


Clean garden furniture


Even the furniture in your garden will need a bit of regular TLC. In order to prevent mould, clean your furniture regularly with a damp cloth.


Clear out


Having a garden clearance brings a perfect opportunity to clear out your garden shed, greenhouse or garage. When doing this, take time in sorting through what you want donate to charity and what you need to throw away.


You may find that it is easier to use a garden clearance service such as the one offered by Junk Hunters, rather than making trips to the tip or hiring a skip. Skips are usually not necessary because of the size of them, and they may end up costing you a lot more than a waste clearance service.


Junk Hunters unfortunately do not offer particular gardening services, but we would be happy to help with disposing larger trees or unwanted garden rubbish.

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