Basement Clear Out

Basement Clear Out

If your house has a basement, you will know how easy it can be to leave boxes of old junk tucked away in them so that they’re out of sight and mind.


We’re all guilty of keeping our old odds and ends stashed away somewhere in our homes, but the damp conditions mean that stored boxes of junk can become soggy and mouldy.

Basement Clear Out


It might be that your basement has finally been filled to the brim with too many unwanted boxes that need disposing of, or maybe you’re considering turning your cellar into an extra room and need to have the whole space cleared away.


At times like this, when all your rubbish is piling up, a thorough clear out may be just what your basement needs.


How can Junk Hunters assist in clearing my basement?


We will provide a minimum of two person teams to assist in the clearing out of old waste that is going damp in your basement, and we will make sure that it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.


Our polite and well trained waste collectors will take care of any heavy lifting involved, saving you the hassle of attempting to carry difficult shaped furniture up flights of stairs. Once the rubbish is collected and cleared, we are always happy to help tidy up.


We can clear away anything that’s taking up space in your basement, including sofas, desks, old boxes, electrical equipment, old tables, chairs and much more.


Once all the rubbish is cleared and your basement is tidy we’ll be on our way with your waste, saving you having to leave old junk at the front of your house for days until a collection is arranged.


On average we recycle 70% of all waste collected, so you can feel good knowing that your old waste is being disposed of in an environmentally friendly an ethical way.


Just give us a call to arrange a convenient and flexible collection time that suits you, and our staff will promptly turn up to help with your waste disposal needs.

Basement Clear Out

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