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Types of Garden Waste


10 March 2021

Garden waste comes in many shapes and forms, and you need to know how to remove it. Some waste can actually be used in different ways, while other things need to be removed from your garden. In either case, we’ve made a short guide to the different types of garden waste, explaining what you should do with it.

Grass cuttings & leaves

The most common form of garden waste, this comes after cutting your grass or pruning bushes/trees. You’ll end up with many bags full of these loose cuttings, but what can you do with them?

Funnily enough, you can actually sprinkle some grass cuttings back onto your lawn as it will act as a natural fertiliser, making your lawn grow greener and healthier. With leaf cuttings, you can turn them into mulch to help your plants grow, effectively meaning both waste products can be reused.

Fruit & veg

Yes, you can get fruit and veg as garden waste, usually when it falls from trees. You may have lots of rotten-looking apples, apricots, peaches, tomatoes – whatever you grow in your garden. When the waste starts piling up, you wonder what to do with it.

Thankfully, this can once again be reused – this time as compost. Adding discarded fruit and veg to a compost pile is such a clever way of making it yourself, which can then be used around your garden to help things grow!

Twigs & branches

If you’ve been cutting trees or branches have snapped off due to bad weather, you can end up with loads of sticks and branches littering your garden. They’re potentially hazardous as anyone can slip on them, and they may have sharp ends.

Here, your best approach is probably to remove the branches and sticks from your garden. They don’t really have other purposes, so calling a professional garden clearance company like Junk Hunters will help you safely remove them in no time at all.

Miscellaneous objects

Lastly, you can get garden waste in the form of many miscellaneous objects. This simply refers to things like old plant pots, broken seed trays, garden furniture, old swings, and so on. Broken glass from an old greenhouse can also fall into the category – it basically covers all the things in your garden that have either lingered there for years or recently broke.

Clearing your Garden Waste in London

Again, your best option in these scenarios is to call professionals in to handle the job. It reduces the risk of injuries – particularly if handling things like broken glass or ceramic pots. Everything can be removed in one go, leaving you with cleaner garden space.

The bottom line is that garden waste comes in many forms. Some of this waste can be used again, benefitting your garden as compost, fertiliser or mulch. For anything else, your best option is to get in touch with Junk Hunters today. We can safely remove your garden waste, recycling as much of it as possible. Check out our Garden Clearance service page to learn more about how we can help, or to call a member of our team for a discussion.