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Easy Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly at Home


9 March 2021

With little else to entertain us than our daily walk in the park and all of our DIY jobs tackled. Now is the perfect time to take on some new projects around the home with a focus on being more environmentally friendly. Here are some easy ways that you can make a real difference.

Compost Bins

If you have a garden, then you have no doubt bought compost at some point. It helps your plants thrive by adding essential nutrients to the soil. By creating your own compost bin, you will no longer need to heave heavy bags from the garden centre whilst recycling your own organic waste.

Composting is the process of breaking down food and organic material into soil that is full of nutrients. You can use this to plant new post or add to your soil. There are a whole host of options when it comes to making your own, you can make your own or buy a ready-made compost bin for your garden.

Once you have your bin you simply need to separate out organic waste in your home and add to the bin daily to avoid any nasty odours in your kitchen.

Turning down the Temperature

We all like the feeling of warmth, but by turning down your thermostat just a degree or two, you can not only reduce your energy usage, but you will also save money too. It makes it even easier if you take other steps around the home to keep warm.

The obvious one is to wear more clothing, have blankets on the sofa to snuggle up with and thicker duvets on your beds.

Ensure your house is well insulated, double glazing and cavity wall insulation are great ways to make sure than any heat doesn’t escape easily.

Passing on to others

Whilst we may not need a particular item any more, there may be others that will make good use of it. That’s why it’s important to donate or recycle anything that you no longer need. Whether it’s clothing, furniture or electronics, you would be amazed at how much stuff can be recycled or broken down into component parts.

That’s why if you use a waste clearance service such as Junk Junters, you can feel happy that everything collected will be dealt with in an environmentally friendly way, ensuring as little as possible goes into landfill.

Other ways to be more Green

Here are some top ways you can save energy and reduce your impact on the environment:

  • Have more showers rather than baths
  • Only fill the kettle up with the water you need
  • Separate and recycle waste
  • Use reusable carrier bags to shop with
  • Turn things off if not in use – obvious but amazingly many people don’t do this
  • Only use your washing machine or dishwasher when you have a full load
  • Eat less meat

These are just a few ways that you can help protect the world we live in. All of these little changes add up to big ones and together, we can make a real difference.