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Types of House Clearance in Birmingham


10 March 2021

You may need house clearance services for a multitude of different reasons. While clearing your house is still the end goal, each type of house clearance is slightly different from the others. From one off bulky items such as old mattresses, to entire houses our services offer homeowners, landlords and Lettings and Estate Agents a hassle free and cost-effective solution.

Today, we explain the main types of house clearance in Birmingham, and why it makes sense to hire a professional to handle them for you.

Types of Waste Collection for Birmingham Properties


This is an obvious place to start, and many homeowners need clearance services when decluttering. It’s a simple way of removing lots of things from your home in one go, calling in an expert to collect your waste and safely & ethically dispose of it. As a result, the decluttering process is much quicker, letting you get back to your life as soon as possible. With spring rapidly on the horizon, we foresee that many homeowners in Birmingham will soon be looking for a service like this, getting their houses in order after a long winter.

Moving to A New House

When moving homes, you will need house clearance services to get your old property in order for the next owners or tenants. Often, it’s written in the sales contract that you have to leave your home without anything in it. Most of your stuff is moved to your new home, but there will be a lot of junk that you no longer need. If you live in the Birmingham area, hiring professionals to deal with junk removal is the best way to move to a new house with as little stress as possible.

Furthermore, if you’re renting property in Birmingham, most landlords demand that you remove all of your belongings when your lease ends. Again, the chances are you’ll have numerous things that have long passed their usefulness. Professional clearance services handle all of these items, so you don’t have to.

Probate Clearance

Probable clearance is often necessary when someone passes away and leaves property behind as an asset. Here, the deceased person’s home can be cleared of all belongings, with the items distributed in accordance with their Will. It could mean moving items to relatives, or it might mean donating some to charities. In other cases, items will need to be disposed of or recycled, all of which can be handled by professionals, allowing you to focus on the more important things during such a difficult time.

Landlord House Clearance

Birmingham is quickly becoming a hotspot for landlords and property investors. One survey from BuyAssociation indicates that it’s the city leading the way for future growth. As such, many landlords rent properties in and around the city – particularly to students. There are multiple universities in the Birmingham area, meaning many students look for places to live during term times. As a landlord, this also means you regularly cycle through tenants every twelve months. Thus, you’re likely to have short periods between old tenants leaving and new ones moving in. During this time, you have to deal with any rubbish left behind by the previous tenants. While you can withhold their deposit, you can’t force them to come and remove their unwanted junk. Instead, you can rely on a professional property clearance company to come in and deal with it for you. In turn, this lets you quickly turn things around for your new tenants, minimising the amount of time your property is left vacated.

In conclusion, there are plenty of different types of house clearance options available. Look at all the different things listed above and consider if any of them apply to your situation. If so, and you own or rent a property in Birmingham, don’t hesitate to contact Junk Hunters today. You can view our House Clearance service page for more details on what we do, and it will also give you information on how to request a quote or book a service online.