Tips to Dispose of Building Wastes In Eco-friendly Manner

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2016 was dubbed by environmental analysts to have been one of the hottest years in many years. Here in London, we witnessed the abnormally high summer temps, flooding, and other signs of global warming. It’s a fact; it’s a reality we can no longer ignore. More and more companies and service providers are opting to go green in their approach to service delivery. As a building owner or one in charge of a building that’s under construction you have the responsibility for ensuring that the waste generated is properly disposed of. This means that all efforts must be made to ensure that the waste and debris is handled in an eco friendly manner. The same applies to home waste that may be generated in a house renovation. Building waste may include nails, wires, iron sheets, cement bags, stones, wood chunks, sawdust, plastic pipes, container paints, and so on so forth.

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Importance of disposing building waste in an eco friendly manner;

  1. The law is very clear; the Environmental Authority is in charge of ensuring that all environmental laws in London and the larger UK are implemented, and adhered to. Building waste clearance companies are required to ensure that the process of picking the waste, transportation, and final disposal has to be in accordance with the law. And the good thing is that being eco friendly doesn’t cost you anything. The law tries to encourage everyone to opt for green ways of disposal, in comparison to rushing to do it without much consideration.
  2. Can be a source of easy cash; most of the building waste you’ll find in a building or home that just underwent renovation can be resold. This means that if you are keen enough not to damage whatever is still in good condition, then there’s always someone ready to buy it albeit at a lower price. Think of nails that are still new but unused, half full containers of paint; these can be resold.

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  3. Recycling is easy, beneficial; when you take time to sort and put aside whatever is recyclable, the same can generate extra money. Some recycling plants will pay you for any amount of waste you deliver that’s recyclable. And even without the instant money, items manufactures from recycled waste are of great benefit to the environment. It means that no new materials are gotten from the environment in order to prepare a new item. When hiring a building waste removal company in London, always seek to find out whether they have a policy for handling recyclable materials. This could mean the company having its own recycling plant, or offering to transport the same to you for free, to the nearest recycling plant.
  4. It’s the natural, sensible thing; the reason why people and clearance companies never used to give much thought to eco friendly ways of disposal was more out of ignorance. We never took time to think of the impact of our actions each time we dumped recyclable materials in the nearest landfills, and left it at that. But today, people are more informed. Before one rushes to dispose of polythene bags, plastics and the rest in a waste collection bin, the sensible, natural thing would only be think twice, ask yourself whether you’re doing the environment any good, or not.
  5. To prevent injuries and other hazards; nails, wires, shards of glass and other building waste materials can easily cause injuries if wrongly disposed. Mind you, these never decompose; they just rust and become deadlier with time! Eco friendly disposal of such is the only way to ensure that they are disposed of correctly, and in a manner that does not harm Mother Nature.


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