How To Dispose Of The Garden Wastes In Eco-friendly Manner in London

garden waste disposal london

A home garden is meant to be a clean and serene place where one can always relax. Even for office and commercial property gardens, it’s basically the same; a tidy garden is refreshing and inviting to visitors coming to the premises.  Your garden will easily get dirty and messed up with litter very easily; polythene bags blown by wind and trapped in your hedge, leaves and dead branches from the nearby trees, to mention but a few. A garden full of filth is a nuisance not just to you, but also your immediate neighbors. Rather than have the neighbors lodge complaints with the local council, it is upon you to ensure that the garden is tidied up regularly and consistently.

Below, we have compiled a list of the best ways to dispose of garden waste in an eco friendly manner;

garden waste disposal

  • There is a difference between disposing of your waste in any manner, and ensuring that it is done in an eco friendly manner. This is especially the case where the waste includes branches, leaves, and tree trunks that have been chopped off. These can be utilized in a way that is friendly to the environment. Dumping such waste in a landfill is just a waste of space. The branches and leaves can be put in a compost pit where they are made to rot under control, and later on used as manure. The manure can be used for your kitchen garden or even in the plants in vases across the home.
  • Another very easy way to ensure that you dispose of the waste in an eco friendly manner would be by trying mulching. Mulching in summer helps your plants retain as much water as possible, water that would have been lost to direct sunlight. Start by cutting the branches and leaves that have been cleared from the garden into smaller pieces. Invest in a good wood chipper so that you can cut the waste into smaller pieces with ease; mulching requires the waste to be in the form of smaller pieces that can cover the soil surface entirely.
  • If the garden waste includes items like food leftovers from the kitchen, this too can be used as manure! Just ensure that you have a compost heap that you use to prepare the manure from the kitchen waste and other plants cleared from the garden. A compost heap is easy to construct, and goes a long way in providing natural, organic fertilizer for all your plants. You’ll be surprised that even your neighbors may request you to help with some of this manure for their own plants. When it comes to going green, one has to lead by example and there’s no better way to do this than lead in preparation of high quality, homemade manure.

garden waste clearance london

  • Where some of the garden waste is too bulky for you to manage by yourself, you can seek the services of a professional waste clearance company. Think of tree trunks and huge logs that need to be lifted off and transported from one place to the other. If you can, the best option would be for you to get the company to bring a power saw, and shred the logs into smaller pieces that can be used as firewood for house warming. The sawdust left behind can be used for mulching or even as bedding for your poultry and kennel. Rather than leave your dog to sleep on a hard concrete floor or a blanket that will get soiled easily, sawdust is always more comfortable, more recommendable.


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