Professional Ideas To Clear Garden Waste In London


To begin with, there’s usually nothing like garden waste; everything that’s collected and cleared from the garden can be used constructively! Whether it is the leaves that fall from trees on the garden, trimmed bushes and branches, sawdust, logs that have been chopped off; all these have immense value if one has the knowledge. Below, we have compiled professional ideas to clear your garden waste in London. The beauty of it is that you do not need to be an expert or with prior experience; these are things you can do in your home garden if you have the right tools. The tools are important because they will make the work easier, and prevent any injuries that may occur.

  • The first and most important thing about garden waste clearance is timing. You have to time the clearance so that it is not just about getting the garden clean, but also ensuring that the plants thrive. For instance, winter would be a sorry time for you to attempt garden clearance in London; most likely, the leaves, polythene papers, and other waste that you need to clear will be buried deep in the snow. Thus, it is more preferable to wait until the weather is fairer before you get about it. Besides, you give your plants time to regenerate again especially if you have trimmed and pruned them.


  • Secondly, you will need to have your tools in place. The most basic garden waste removal tools include gloves, garden boots, a rake, shovel, shears, and a trowel. The pruning tools should be sharp enough to cut off branches at a go; you don’t need to leave ugly and uneven marks on your plants. Besides, sharp tools make the work easier, even enjoyable.
  • The leaves and sawdust, even small branches can be used for mulching. Mulching is an ancient trick that has been used to reduce evaporation of water on plants. If you have a wood chipper, you can cut the branches into smaller pieces that are then used to gently cover your garden plants. This is an effective method of nurturing your plants; it is cheap and doesn’t need any guidance.
  • You can also have a compost pit where you put in all branches and pruned leaves for decomposition. Compost pits help the waste rot in controlled environment, and later used as manure. The manure can be used on your garden plants, flowers in the house, and even the grass within your compound. Compost manure made from garden waste is very fertile and effective in helping your kitchen garden remain green at all times.

garden waste

  • Twigs and prunings from your garden can also be used to light your wood burner or barbecue. This is safer than using paraffin or artificial oils. On the same note, logs and larger branches that have been trimmed from your garden can be dried up and used as firewood to warm your house in winter. The same can also be used for making bonfires when out camping! In essence, you will just need to sort out the branches and twigs, put the smaller ones aside, and then the larger ones separately for drying.
  • When hiring a residential home waste removal company, always checkout to ensure whether they offer garden clearance services. Not all of the tasks are doable by yourself; lifting and cutting off big overgrown branches may mean that you get special assistance from such a company. Besides, such companies are able to advice you and recommend the best ways to manage all type of garden waste including food leftovers.

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