Residential Waste Collection & Disposal in London


Residential waste collection and disposal in London is strictly governed by the city’s bylaws and regulations. As the home owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you dispose of all your home waste in a safe and legal way; this means that the disposal method should not harm the environment or those that are around you. In most cases, hiring a waste collection and disposal company is the best option for Londoners. Yet, there are numerous such companies and identifying the right one is never a walk in the park. While picking such a company, it is important to look out for the following points;

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Is the company licensed and authorized to offer residential waste collection and disposal; this is one of the first things you should look out when hiring a waste collection company in London. With so many companies operating in the London area, take a minute to ascertain whether company of your choice is licensed to operate within the city. A licensed company means that the Environment Authority and other relevant bodies have approved of the company’s operations around. Mind you, collection and disposal of residential waste is never easy as it at times involve the presence of hazardous waste.

Customer care matters a lot; this is another thing that most Londoners should look out for when hiring a residential waste clearance company. A good company is one that has a professional and welcoming customer care team that is always available to speak to you when you need to. Nowadays, most reputable waste clearance companies have representatives on phone and email who can respond to your queries 24/7. If a company hasn’t invested in a professional team of representatives who you can reach to on short notice, chances are that their services are also wanting.

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Experienced team, right tools for the job; a residential waste clearance company is only as effective as the clearance team they have in place. Experience means that such a team knows which areas to clear first, how to lift and carry bulky or hazardous waste, how to handle all valuables and items with caution when working, and so on so forth. The worst mistake you can do is to hire a clearance company that has an ill trained team; you’re likely to regret it at the end of the day.

Extra fees; most Londoners must be familiar with some ridiculous charges that some unscrupulous clearance companies include in their billing at the end of their services. Parking fees, loading fees, these are just some of the extra costs that some companies tend to hit most residential owners with. But truth of the matter is that such charges are not necessary, a good company should charge you only for the amount of waste cleared and to be disposed. Their clearance team should be responsible for loading such waste, as well as clearing and sweeping up any debris that falls along the driveway.

Like aforementioned, there are many residential waste collection and disposal companies in London. The task lies in identifying the right one, one that won’t disappoint. A quick search on the internet should give you a list of some of the top companies offering such services in your area. Take time to check out the above mentioned points so that you get a reputable clearance company that will get the job done. Alternatively, you can ask from friends or family to recommend a company they have worked with previously and gotten the desired results. Remember, there’s more to responsible waste disposal than just having the waste cleared up and taken away; the final disposal method have to be eco friendly and in accordance with the environmental laws.

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