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Junk Hunters

6 February 2018

Although most Londoners are well aware of the benefits of recycling, very few of them make any deliberate efforts to recycle their waste. To most, all is well as long as long as they have a waste clearance company that comes and picks up everything. But, have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself where all the waste cleared up by a waste removal company, ends up? Better still, does your waste clearance company of choice practice recycling, have they embraced it? If you’d take time to ask yourself such small questions, then perhaps we can all be keener when it comes to how we dispose of our home, office, or commercial waste. There are a thousand and one reasons why we need to recycle waste in London;

Recycling benefits the environment; one of the top reasons why you should embrace recycling is because it benefits the environment. Recycling reduces the need to manufacture new items from new raw materials. More raw materials mean more pressure on the environment, more pollution as they get extracted. But by recycling, you are able to come up with a new manufactured item without exerting much stress to the environment.

recycling wastes in London

Makes our city clean and neat; about two years ago or so, red alerts were raised by authorities over the numerous plastic bottles and other waste being dumped in public parks and the Thames in particular. Littering our public spaces with plastic waste leads to pollution and creation of eye sores that rob these places of their beauty; recycling helps keep the environment tidier, plastic waste happens to be the easiest to recycle.  So, the next time you’re about to carelessly throw away that plastic water bottle, energy drink can; take a moment to look for a recycling bin around you. It’s always worth the effort at the end of the day.

Recycling can earn you money; home owners, office and commercial building owners, can all make an extra coin from having their waste recycled. This is especially so if you consider that most of the waste you generate in your home can be recycled; very little of it actually ends up in a landfill. Some recycling plants will pay you a small amount depending on the waste materials that are recyclable. Plastic waste, old and damaged mobile phones, electronics, broken furniture; all these can be recycled and later used to manufacture new items.

recycling wastes London

It’s the way for the future; the UK is actually yet to reach the recycling rate targets that the EU projected and put in place. In countries like the Netherlands and Germany, recycling is so much a part of effective waste disposal. Here in London, we all have a responsibility to ensure that companies we pick to clear our waste are eco friendly. This means that they assure you that what’s recyclable will end up at a recycling plant, while what can be reused or repaired is taken for repair. Recycling is simply the way o the future. Even when out shopping, opt for products and brands that use recycled packaging. You can also join groups and organizations in London that advocate for recycling and other eco friendly practices.

Start by ensuring that the waste clearance company you hire has a history of recycling; some companies have recycling rates of up to 80%, meaning that 80% of all waste cleared ends up in recycling plants. Doing so gives you peace of mind; you can rest assured that you have done your part towards helping make the planet a better place for everyone. Recycling is easy, doesn’t cost you anything; yet, its benefits are immense.