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live a minimally

How to live minimally

Some people may believe is minimalism is a fad trend, but actually, many people seek happiness in living minimally. The first place to start when seeking the path to a …

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more space at home

Make more space at home

Have you found that your house needs a bit more living space and a little less junk? Do you find yourself stepping over boxes of old waste that are clogging …

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house clearance

Loft Clearance

Lofts are a typical storage space for junk that we don’t need but can’t seem to face throwing away. And with all your old stuff just sat up in attic …

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importance of recycling

The Importance Of Recycling

Recycling is incredibly important. Waste can have a huge impact on the environment and throwing things straight to the landfill causes harmful chemicals and greenhouse gas to emit from these …

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Get rid of junk

How to get rid of junk

If your house is full of unwanted junk, you may be wondering how to get rid of it all. This post offers a step-by- step guide on the different ways …

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House clearance

House Clearance Tips

A house clearance service is usually needed when you have inherited or bought a house that contains a lot of materials from the previous owner, or when you decide you …

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Gardening clearance

Gardening clearance

If you’re looking to have a fresh garden space that’s full of flowers (and no weeds, nettles and brambles), you need to make sure that you clean your garden whenever …

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Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping: Why we should all be concerned about it

Here at Junk Hunters we understand that the world of waste collection is far from glamorous, but there are a handful of important waste disposal issues that we all need …

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Downsizing your home

Are you moving to a smaller house? Then you need to downsize and get rid of your junk. Over time, we tend to accumulate a lot of unwanted rubbish in …

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What council is the worst at trashing recyclable waste?

Last year, one council was named as the worst for recycling waste. Findings from the 2014-15 statistics listed Kirklees Council as the worst for green bin contamination in England. Over …

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