How To Dispose Of The Junk From Construction Areas in London?

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Construction areas in London generate tons of waste and debris on any given week. All this waste has to be carefully picked and disposed of without harming those working on the site, or the environment they’ll be dumped on.  Construction debris is generated not just in large commercial buildings being built, but also in our homes during renovations. Construction debris consists of items like bricks, broken glass, wood, nails, wires, plastic pipes, paint containers, concrete, screws, iron sheets, adhesives, to mention but a few. Clearly, these are not items that can fit in your usual home waste bin. As such, they call for specialized kind of clearance and disposal. In most cases, the most recommendable thing would be for you to engage the services of a professional construction waste removal company in London. Such companies have the tools and means to handle such kind of debris without breaking much sweat.

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Know The Amount And Type Of Debris That Needs To Be Disposed Of;

Once the construction is completed, you as the manager or one in charge will be responsible for the disposal of all the waste and debris left behind. Authorities will penalize you if any illegally or improperly dumped debris is traced to you; you risk a jail term or huge fine. Even when the waste clearance company is the one that never did their part, the law will also want to find out whether you took due diligence in ascertaining that the clearance company is licensed and duly registered. So, start by inspecting all the debris that has been left behind; what exactly does the debris consists? Are there waste materials that can be reused, recycled, or even resold? Is there any harmful waste in there that requires special handling? Once you have answered these questions it becomes easier to move to the next step of forting. If the builders are still present, you can request them to sort the debris when throwing away waste materials; concrete and sand on one side, tins and wires and cables on the other side, plastics and easily recyclable materials on another, and so on. The point is to avoid cluttering everything into one huge pile; doing so makes the task of sorting more difficult.

When hiring a London construction waste clearance company, take time to ascertain that they have the experience to handle construction waste. Mind you, construction waste is very different from the usual residential waste. The company should have handled a similar project as yours; construction debris is bulky and often injurious if not handled with care. The benefit of hiring a reputable clearance company is that such is likely to be better placed in suggesting the best places to take some of the waste for recycling. Whatever can be reused or repaired will also be transported for that. If the building that has been constructed was recently painted, be careful to dispose of those paint containers very carefully; paint is highly inflammable and harmful is thrown into your ordinary landfill. Never make the mistake of burning construction waste in your landfill otherwise the fumes are likely to be toxic; the fire could also easily spread beyond control.

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Proper disposal of junk from construction areas in London is the surest way of protecting those that will live around the building. Injuries from building waste and debris can be nasty especially when they involve old rusted nails that may transmit tetanus. Take time to compare and contrast the different waste clearance companies in order to end up with one that will get the job done correctly.

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