How To Clear Garden Wastes Quickly And Safely In London


Even a small garden can generate huge loads of waste and rubbish. Clearing and disposing of such poses a unique challenge because garden waste may not fit into the ordinary home waste bin. In most cases, you are best advised to utilize garden waste and use it either for compost, mulching, or even dry it and use it as firewood during winter. But even as such, there are times you have huge chunks of logs, and tree trunks that need to be removed and carried away. At such moments, hiring a skip service is the best way out of it. In order to effectively clear your garden waste you have to come up with a plan well in advance.

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First and foremost, it is worth noting that the best time to trim and prune your garden is during spring and autumn. During this time, you are free to mow your lawn, prune any overgrown shrubs and trees, and even weed the flower beds. You cannot get the best results in winter because most of the plants may be covered in ice and you may not even be able to weed your flowerbed. Once you have trimmed and cut off the unwanted branches and plants, see what can be used within your home and what needs to be carted away. Usually, small twigs and branches can be chopped down using wood chippers till they are fine. You can later use them to mulch your plants or as bedding for your poultry if you’re into farming. Medium to large branches can be trimmed and dried as firewood to use in your charcoal burner for an outdoor BBQ. The leaves are best used in composting; they release high energy and gases when buried under controlled conditions. The compost manure formed from leaves, grass and other light plants is one of the best.

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Like we mentioned earlier, you may have to ask for help from a waste removal company when it comes to disposing of tree trumps and heavy logs. If you’ve had any repair jobs on the garden shed, you’ll also need a helping hand from these companies to come and clear the debris left behind. Some of these companies have the right tools including cranes that can lift and hoist even the bulkiest of garden waste. You can even request the company to split the logs or cut them into smaller manageable pieces that you can use as firewood. Basically, these companies specialize in garden clearance and will often have the tools and skills to handle any eventuality. Garden waste removal companies in London will offer you a free quote well in advance so you have an idea of what you’ll need to pay at the end of their services. For more details on the best company to talk to, feel free to contact us and we’ll guide you forward.

One thing that you should never do with your garden waste is to burn it. The old practice of burning the waste right on the garden you trimmed it from is wrong and harmful to the living organisms in the soil. Also, dumping garden waste in a landfill is not recommendable; the branches and pruned twigs only serve to clutter the landfill and consume all space. A landfill is meant for light house waste that will decompose fast and easily. 90% of all garden waste can be recycled or reused. In order to identify a clearance company that is experienced in clearing garden waste, just do a quick search online. Most London companies have details on what their garden clearance services entail, as well as the charges.

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