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Junk Hunters

11 June 2018

Britain’s second city has an abundance of beautiful parks and open spaces but when the warm weather hits they can be left in a rubbish state.

As Brits flock to natural beauty spots to enjoy fresh air, sunny picnics and sunbathing, bins can quickly become overfull leading to litter pollution.

Plastic bottles, beer cans, empty sun cream, cigarettes, old disposable barbecues and unfinished food are just some of the most common items left after a busy day in the sun.

And due to overflowing bins, rubbish is left piled next to facilities, and is susceptible to being blown around by the wind or picked up and scattered by birds.

The waste experts at JunkHunters are calling upon Birmingham residents to take responsibility for their rubbish and take it home to be disposed of or recycled, if waste facilities are full.

Packing a bag specifically for rubbish will help curb littering -as all leftover food, packaging, BBQ bones and ice lolly sticks can be taken home and sorted.

Harsha Rathanyake, founder of JunkHunters said: “Beautiful places are hot spots for rubbish in the hot weather, which often means they are left blighted by rubbish pollution following a weekend of sunshine.

Frequented city spaces in Birmingham such as Cathedral Square, Kings Heath Park and woodland areas such as Cannon Park and Edgbaston Reservoir are always popular destinations in the spring and summer time so it’s important they are looked after by the people that enjoy them.

Looking after your green spaces is all part of taking pride in your city and protecting it, so be sure to make use of binfacilities on hand or at least take a bag with you to put your rubbish in.

“Remember that your rubbish is your responsibility and if left, litter pollution can not only look untidy, but it can be dangerous if stood on or ingested by wildlife.”